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Online 11+ information evening!

Learn everything you need to know about the 11+ process PLUS MORE!

11+ tutor

With over 14 years of experience in tuition specifically for the 11+, I have a whole wealth of knowledge and experience in tutoring children of all abilities for the 11+ and proudly promote an incredible success rate!

If you are thinking...

* Why do I need a tutor for my child?

* What do I need to do for the 11+?

* How long does my child need a tutor for?

* What can a tutor offer that I can't get from books?

* How much are lessons and how long are they?

* I haven't got time my child does a million clubs after school, how can you help?

* I can't afford tuition, how can you help me?

* My child is nervous about a tutor, what if it doesn't work?

* There are no tutors in my area - what can I do?

You will find all the answers AND MORE in my FREE online class.

So come and join me!

See you there!

Anna x

11+ tutor

You are invited to join me on Zoom:

Tuesday 2nd July


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